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Leadership beyond the status quo

Strategies for courageous action outside your current line of sight. 


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My Story

Hi, I'm Sarah Clearwater.

As a creative strategist I am passionate about more people and organisations stepping into their leadership potential. Drawing on design, social sciences and systems thinking, I help frame actions, insights and outcomes beyond the current line of sight.  

My career has spanned four countries, three languages and two continents. I've worked across public, private and third sector - first as a public servant, then as a designer and consultant and finally as coach and advisor.


I also founded the CX Collective, a professional community of practitioners who are leading the change towards customer inside organisations.  


Born in West Berlin to East German and Egyptian parents, I was raised among hyperdiverse communities. In my life and work, I use my lenses of intersection and patterning to build bridges for shared understanding, perspective taking and collaborative action.

Before my move to Aotearoa New Zealand over 10 years ago, my training as a human systems analyst has helped inform city-wide approaches to education, shape EU-level local government policy and advise on community-led policy development.

I speak at events and conferences, regularly post online and run courses for senior practitioners and teams who are looking to unlock the next stage of their leadership journey.

My Perspectives

My public talks and interviews

Podcast: Rebels, Dreamers and Happiness Seekers

I spoke with Renee Jaine from Thrive Lab on Designing For Humanity.

Talk: Making CX tangible - moving from ideas to impact

I spoke at the Customer Experience and Engagment Summit in Auckland on the elements that help make Customer Experience a tangible practice.

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