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Leadership beyond the status quo

Strategies for courageous action in a changing world. 


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My Story

Sarah is an accomplished design strategist and change agent who understands how to bridge the gap between design and business, elevate the value and impact of design work and help organisations navigate rapidly evolving markets.


With an international career spanning four countries, three languages, and two continents, Sarah has gained extensive experience in positioning organisations for success through customer-centered strategies. Over the past decade, her client list has included a diverse set of industries, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, FMCG, not-for-profit, government, and education. 


Through founding the CX Collective, Sarah has invested heavily into building and evolving the the design ecosystem across Aotearoa New Zealand and is widely known as a connector, amplifier and storyteller who helps evolve the conditions through which more of us can lead the change towards customer.


Working with Sarah is not your average engagement. Passionate, smart and well equipped to push you beyond the edges of your comfort zone, Sarah draws on entrepreneurship, design, anthropology, philosophy and core business thinking to help you and your teams move through road blocks and harness opportunities.  


Through her public talks, comprehensive training programs, and custom consulting services, Sarah has guided numerous teams towards developing more compelling stories, innovative services, and effective strategies that drive tangible business impact while prioritising the needs of customers and communities. 


Sarah speaks at events, posts frequently online and designs experiences for practitioners and teams to unlock the next step of their leadership journey. 

My public talks and interviews

Podcast: This is a Prototype

I spoke with Doug Powell about Design Leadership superpowers and the often jarring transition design leaders face when going from “on the tools” to “on the team.”

Podcast: This is HCD

I spoke with Gerry Scullion on the Intersection of Design & Leadership

Talk: Design Leadership Beyond the Job Title

A Lunch'n'Learn with Optimal Workshop

Podcast: Service Design Show

I spoke with Marc on Design Leadership beyond the status quo.

Podcast: Rebels, Dreamers and Happiness Seekers

I spoke with Renee on Designing For Humanity.

Talk: Making CX tangible - moving from ideas to impact

I spoke at the Customer Experience and Engagment Summit in Auckland on the elements that help make Customer Experience a tangible practice.

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Perspectives for leadership beyond the status quo

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