CX Coaching & Mentoring

Not sure where to upskill and grow your practice? Struggling to get organisational buy in? No one to bounce ideas off of or co-design with?


The CX Coaching & Mentoring programme can help with that.

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Work with an experienced CX designer to take your practice to the next level


Get advice, bounce off ideas & run dedicated experiments to generate buy-in from your organisation or business


Explore mental and design frameworks to demonstrate impact and experiment for change


Design with confidence, conviction and intention

CX Coaching & Mentoring Plan

  • 2499$
    Design with confidence & develop a practice that has impact
    • Level up your design practice
    • Create business buy-in
    • Make an impact
    • Build confidence
    • 6 Fortnightly mentoring session
    • Free intro and review sessions
    • use within 4 months
    • Up to 1hr - in person or via zoom
    • Develop an action plan for 2020
  • 835$
    Every month
    Pay monthly - get the same value
    Valid for 3 months
    • Level Up
    • Create buy-in
    • Develop a practice with impact
    • Get peer support
    • Build confidence

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How mentoring shifts perspectives

Design is a practice, beyond a process.

Stop following someone else's process, start leading your own practice.

Your design practice starts with you.

Your values, mindsets and believes shape what you do, how you work and how you enable others. Understand what leads you to understand how you lead.

Your design process shows how you show up in your practice.

Explore how your process reflects your practice and why it achieves results. Then amplify what works.

Outcomes come out in context.

Your context is made up of people, things, events and processes you can't control. Understand it. Design for it.

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